Thursday, February 6, 2014

We met Belle for the first time today. Reese wasn't too excited. She used to only cry when we met the characters. Now she cries when we meet the princesses too.

Waiting for our turn on the the tea-cups. 
Reese loves being able to stand in line by herself. Now that she can walk, I feel more comfortable with not constantly holding her while we wait in line.

Waiting for the Tangled theatre show to begin. 
A lot of the rides seemed to be closed today like Dumbo, Jungle cruise and Its a small world. 

It rained while we were watching the show and for some reason I forgot to pull the shade cover down on her stroller. I always pull it down, so I felt terrible when her seat was all wet when we got out of the show. It must not have bothered her too bad, because she took an hour nap after that and she has never slept longer than 30 min at Disneyland. I enjoyed a churro during her nap. It's the first one I've eaten since we got our passes this year. Once she woke up, we went on Ariel before heading home. We also walked through Tarzan's Treehouse for the first time today.

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